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Whether you’re purchasing new or used equipment and machinery, a truck or trailer, grain storage and grain handling equipment, a building or facility, or a vehicle, consider the advantages of an AgStar lease.

Why Lease? Financing your business purchase with a lease provides a wide range of benefits, including but not limited to potential tax advantages. You may get an immediate write-off of dollars spent instead of waiting for equipment or storage facilities to depreciate over several years. You may also get lower up-front costs and more predictable payments compared to a loan – which result in easier margin management. Check out our Top Benefits of Leasing to find out about other advantages of AgStar Lease products. 

Our Lease Programs are set apart because we solve your unique requests:

“I already bought!”
Even if you’ve already made an equipment or other business purchase, we offer Sales Leaseback to help you free up your original capital.

“I need to manage this around my harvest!”
We even offer a harvest plan lease that lets you pay 10% down at the initial lease signing, with the balance of the annual payment due December 1 of the same year with annual payments due the same time in subsequent years.

Our leases are also set apart because of the high level of personal service we provide as your AgStar Lease Specialists. We’re accessible and easy to work with, and we make it our priority to understand your business from the ground up. We know that every client is different, and we work with you to customize a  lease option to fit your individual situation.

Find out more and apply for an AgStar lease today. Contact Us, call 1-866-577-1831 or Apply Online. One of our Lease Specialists will contact you within one business day.

Start Today
Call an AgStar Lease Specialist at 1-866-577-1831.

Why Choose AgStar as Your Leasing Company?
AgStar offers a wide variety of leases designed to meet your individual needs.

  • We work with you to customize your farm lease to fit your individual needs.
  • Our Leasing Specialists are accessible and easy to work with.
  • We’re committed to agriculture long-term. In fact, it’s why we’re here.
  • AgStar is always evolving to meet your emerging needs.
  • We value our relationships with our clients and work hard to provide simple, practical solutions.

AgStar Lease Terms

  • Depending on the type of AgStar Lease, terms can range from two to ten years.
  • We have options for monthly, quarterly, semiannual, annual, harvest plan, seasonal or skip payments.
  • We offer a range of purchase options, depending on the length of term and the asset being leased.
  • Our Leasing Specialists will provide additional information specific to your lease option and program.

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