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When it comes to protecting your family, your crops and your livestock, it pays to work with someone you can trust. We have the knowledge and expertise to meet your needs, and our insurance options include crop, life and disability, and livestock risk products.

We can give you peace of mind in knowing you’re protecting your financial well being and livelihood. Let us sit down with you to discuss your options—in the field, in the barn or at the kitchen table.

Crop Hail Insurance
Covers basic production loss due to hail. Also includes coverage for fire, lightning and transit losses.

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance
Protects against yield loss due to hail and any other natural causes, including drought, wind, excess moisture, fire, plant disease and insects.

Crop Revenue Insurance
Covers production loss and also insures against price loss. Guarantees minimum revenue per acre.

Specialty Crop Insurance
Covers specialty crops like nursery or forage production.

Livestock Gross Margin Dairy Insurance
Protects your farm’s margin against unexpected declines in milk price or rises in feed costs.

Livestock Risk Insurance
Protects against declining livestock prices for swine, feeder cattle, fed cattle and lambs.

Personal Life Insurance
Available to AgStar loan and lease holders, which can include a spouse, partners of a partnership, joint borrowers, endorsers and guarantors. Protects you and your heirs in the event that something happens to you.

Group Life Insurance
Level Term Life Insurance
Disability Insurance

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Crop Insurance Text Notifications
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Why choose AgStar for Your Insurance?
AgStar understands the risks associated with your business and provides ways to protect your livelihood and the people you care about.

  • We understand the financial aspect of your business.
  • AgStar agents have unsurpassed product knowledge.
  • We have a dedicated staff of 40 professionals who work exclusively on crop insurance.
  • Our life insurance products coincide with AgStar loans and leases allowing us to offer excellent rates.
  • We promise to serve you with honesty and integrity.