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How Will Consumers Respond to High Retail Pork Prices? Agriculture Blog (Video)
By: Kent Bang, Swine Specialist
TAGS: Swine, Global Markets & Economics
April 15, 2014 - Why are pork prices so high? Strong pork demand, along with the PED virus has affected our local and global markets pushing pork supplies down and prices up. AgStar’s Kent Bang talks about the alternatives and how consumers may respond. Continue reading >>
Lessons Learned in Developing a Farm Business Plan: Agriculture Blog (Video)
By: Dr. David Kohl, Agriculture Economist
TAGS: Grain, Dairy, Swine, Young, Beginning Farmers, Women In Agriculture
April 10, 2014 - As young farmers are just starting to farm, a business plan should be one of the first items developed. In his video, Dr. Kohl talks about young farmers that went through the Ag Biz Planner and what they learned to help them be successful. Continue reading >>
Promote Your Farm’s Unique Brand: Agriculture Blog (Article)
By: Darel Ness, Asst VP Financial Services
TAGS: Grain, Dairy, Swine
April 10, 2014 - What is your brand? Not your preferred brand of corn and soybeans or your preferred brand of equipment, but something we do not hear about very often, your farm’s unique brand. AgStar’s Darel Ness explains the importance of promoting your unique characteristics. Continue reading >>
USDA Hogs and Pigs Report: Do the Numbers Make Sense? Agriculture Blog (Video)
By: Justin Roelofs, Swine Specialist
TAGS: Swine
April 08, 2014 - Will hog prices continue down from the March Hogs and Pigs Report release? Numbers from the report were on the high end compared to estimates creating more questions surrounding the impact of the PED virus. AgStar’s Justin Roelofs provides further insight into the report, along with an update from the USDA Stocks and Acreage Report. Continue reading >>
Will Market Volatility Affect Hogs and Pigs Report? Agriculture Blog (Video)
By: Mark Greenwood, Swine Specialist
TAGS: Swine, Risk Management Planning
April 01, 2014 - What will the USDA Hogs and Pigs Report for March look like? In our hog blog, AgStar's Mark Greenwood gives some insight into what the numbers might look like and how the PED virus could impact those numbers. Continue reading >>
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